"FTW" Mini Kicker Ramp
"FTW" Mini Kicker Ramp
"FTW" Mini Kicker Ramp
"FTW" Mini Kicker Ramp
"FTW" Mini Kicker Ramp
"FTW" Mini Kicker Ramp

"FTW" Mini Kicker Ramp

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The "Mini Kicker"

14.5"H x 24"W x 60"L and 55lbs

"This ramp is perfect for kids, Stryders, beginners, or for just simply having fun without getting too dangerous. It's also perfect for jumping about 15-20ft to a flat landing or into a small hill at the neighborhood  park. My wife barely knows how to ride dirt bikes (she's basically a first timer) and she can catch a little air on a 110, jump about 3 feet to a little dirt landing and ride away so it's fun and safe for that type of thing... I personally use this ramp for placing it on the side of a freeway over pass to get some lift and launch over the road landing where there's a downside. I also put the Mini Kicker Ramp on the side of a concrete bank to launch out and over a fence. I do all these jumps using my 450cc. It's also fun to use at a skate park for the kids to get creative and do little jumps into banks or whatever they want. Once you or your kid out grows this ramp, you can order our "3.5 Extension piece" which will bolt on and you will have the next size ramp up. - Colby Raha


MINI KICKER fully assembled: 14.5"H x 24"W x 60"L and 55lbs

BIG KICKER fully assembled: 42"H x 24"W x 90"L and 110lbs

MINI KICKER with a bolt-on extension to form the full-size 3.5 kicker ramp.

You can use this ramp for BMX, PeeWee Bikes, 110 Pit Bikes, Surron's, Mtn Bikes, Scooters,  Skateboards, RC Cars, anything with wheels.

Bolt 2 together and you can jump a Quad.


    If you're located outside of the US or have any special shipping requests, just hit us up and we'll make it happen - raharamps@gmail.com

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Adam Hendricks
    Missing Hardware for Mini Kicker

    Hey, I received my mini kicker recently and the box didn’t include any hardware (legs, bolts, or anything). All I received was the metal ramp itself with nothing else in the box.

    Roberrt Brett
    Rock Solid Ramp

    I am glad I didn't waste money buying a smaller, cheaper ramp. This ramp is rock solid and my riding buddies tell me they want to do a Jump session as soon as I give them a date/time.

    Tyler Romack
    Big kicker Ramp

    Put it together and it's great 👍

    Jason Gomillion
    Very nice

    Hitting jump with a CRF250RX. I did not expect to get that much air off the little Kicker but it will launch my bike pretty well. Got tired of rebuilding my dirt jumps constantly so placing these kickers on home practice track to take some wear off the dirt jumps. Very stable.

    Chance Naylor
    Bad Ass mini kicker!!

    53 years old and lovin the mini kicker, can’t fucking wait to get the extension 🤘🏻